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P&W and IUCN SSC Human-Wildlife Conflict Task Force together!
13 Mar 2018


People & Wildlife

Creating conservation solutions

P&W is a partnership between WildCRU and Born Free Foundation, established in 2004 to provide a platform from which to address conflict resolution. Our combined skills and vast experience in conservation and working with local peoples brought a professional, multi-disciplinary approach to fostering coexistence between people and wildlife. While WildCRU has been working chiefly on how animal populations tick, and on ways to ensure their survival, Born Free has traditionally been more concerned with the welfare of individual animals.

In order to optimise resources and create greater synergies the P&W initiative is now joining forces with the IUCN SSC Human-Wildlife Conflict Task Force, a global advisory group of experts from a range of subjects working on interdisciplinary approaches to wildlife conservation.

We will be sharing with the HWCTF our P&W e-group: a network of more than 800 experts, managers, institutions and communities affected by conflict across the world.

Since the HWCTF is developing a library of resources on key topics and species some of the resources previously offered by P&W will migrate to the library to offer all resources under one roof. This website will eventually be winded down. Thank you for traveling with us all these years.

The P&W team.