No Credit Check Loans

Can I Use no Credit Check Loans to Buy Anything?

There are some loans that are designed for specific borrowing needs. Things like a mortgage have to be used for buying a home. However, there are other types of loans which can be used for anything you wish, such as a no credit check loan. However, despite that flexibility, you may find that you will be limited in what you can buy with it due to the features of the loan.

How Much you Can Borrow

With a no credit check loan you will be limited in how much you are able to borrow. The loans will normally be for relatively small amounts. These can between £100 and £1,000 but this will depend on the lender. It may also be dependent on whether you are a first time borrower or not. Some lenders will want to build up trust with their borrowers before they allow them to borrow larger sums of money from them. They will perhaps just lend small amounts of money to start with and if that is paid back in full and on time, they will feel that they can trust the borrower and lend them more money. Therefore, it could be the case that you will not be able to borrow that much money. This will of course limit what you can buy with the loan as you will not be able to buy anything that is more expensive than the money that you are allowed to borrow. If you do need a larger amount than one lender is offering then check with others as they will be different and you may find one that will be prepared to let you borrow the amount that you want.  

The Speed of Repayment

It is important to know how quickly you will be expected to repay the loan. This is important because you will need to make sure that you can come up with the money to be able to do this. It is all very well to borrow the sum that you need but you could find that you will struggle to pay it back. You do not want to borrow so much that this will happen. Sometimes, you may be able to find a no credit check loan where you can repay in instalments. This can be handy because it will allow you to spread the cost across a number of months and you will be able to borrow more money and be able to repay it. However, it will make the loan more expensive and so you will need to consider whether you are prepared to pay that extra money.


It is a good idea to work out the cost of the loan as you will need to work out whether you think it provides you with good value for money. Consider the cost of the item that you are buying with it and then think about whether you feel that it is still a good price even when you account for the cost of the loan. Think about whether you still consider this to be good value for money or whether you feel that it will be too expensive when you also add on the cost of the loan.

So, although you are able to use the loans to buy whatever you wish, there will be restricted in some ways. You will need to think about how much you are able to borrow and whether that will be enough for you to buy the item in question, consider whether you will be able to cope with repaying that money when required and decide whether you are happy with the additional cost of the item you are buying due to the fact that you borrowed the money to pay for it.